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Hidetoshi Nakahashi : Curriculum Vitae

Born : the 7th of November 1944 in Kobe Japan
1955 : starts studing Karate " SHITO RYU "
1964 : appointed Dojo-Manager of the group Kenshukai "SHITO RYU "
1971 : appointed Instructor at the Police 'Karate Club in Kobe.
1972 : appointed Instructor at the "Shukugawa Gakuin "high school's Karate Club.
April 1974 : obtains the degree of Karate Master
End of 1976 : 6th Dan of Karate
End of 1976 : arrival in France
1980 : Technical Director of AS Monaco Karate
1981 : Member of the French National Technical Commitee.
1985 : appointed technical Director of European Union of SHITO RYU
1985 : issue of his first book "NAKAHASHI SHITO RYU KARATE DO " (3000 copies Sedirep Ed.)
1987 : 7th Dan of Karaté SHITO RYU
Since 1987 : manage an international " SHITO RYU " training course every year ( first week in August ) in Corsica with Master Mabuni attended by Master Hatano. This training cours is exceptional because its rallies all the " SHITO RYU " devoted to the Mabuni tradition,coming from the whole world, one of the greatest in Europe.
1988 : assistant in the making of the Master Mabuni's 1st book Traditional Karaté Sedirep Ed
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